CA88会员登录:阿里巴巴与苏宁展开战略合作 Alibaba buying near 20% stake in Suning

本文摘要:Alibaba and Suning are planning a shopping spree – of each others shares.阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和苏宁(Suning)计划首演一场购物派对,它们并购的对象是对方的股票。


Alibaba and Suning are planning a shopping spree – of each others shares.阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和苏宁(Suning)计划首演一场购物派对,它们并购的对象是对方的股票。Alibaba is splashing out RMB 28.3bn ($4.63bn) to buy a 19.99 per cent stake in Suning, which bills itself as Chinas largest consumer electronics retailer , a deal that will make the Chinese electronics giant the second biggest shareholder in Suning.阿里巴巴将耗资283亿元人民币(合46.3亿美元)购入苏宁19.99%的股份,这家中国电商巨头将因此沦为苏宁的第二大股东。苏宁自称为是中国仅次于的消费电子产品零售商。

At the same time, Suning will spend up to RMB14bn ($2.28bn) to buy up to 27.8m newly issued ordinary shares in Alibaba.而苏宁将耗资140亿元人民币(合22.8亿美元)购入阿里巴巴最少2780万股新的放普通股。After the investment, Suning will hold a stake of approximately 1.1 per cent in Alibaba.作出这笔投资后,苏宁将持有人阿里巴巴近1.1%的股份。


The companies said:“The strategic collaboration between Alibaba and Suning marks a milestone that signals the further integration of digital and offline retail. This strategic collaboration will bring benefits to hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers who use Alibabas online platforms and Sunings offline channels. By cooperating, Alibaba and Suning will be able to provide holistic and more convenient shopping experiences, as well as superior customer service to users looking to purchase online and through mobile devices.”两家公司回应:阿里巴巴和苏宁的战略合作,具备里程碑式的意义,标志着数字化零售和线下零售的更进一步统合。对于用于阿里巴巴线上平台和苏宁线下渠道购物的中国数亿消费者来说,这一战略合作将给他们带给益处。通过相互间的合作,阿里巴巴和苏宁将需要获取线上线下融合的便利购物体验,还能为那些执着线上购物和移动购物方式的用户获取超值的客户服务。